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Neutrino and Dark Matter Physics

Inside the AV


Welcome to the home page of the Orebi Gann group at UC Berkeley. This site contains information about the experiments the group is involved in and descriptions of current research projects here on campus. You can also find contact information for group members, links to publications and talks, and some pretty pictures.


Water in the SNO+ detector cavity

Waterfill for SNO+ is happeing right now!

SNOLab Virtual Tour

Check out the new virtual tour of SNOLab. It is definitely the coolest thing you will see today. Be sure to take a spin around the acrylic vessel.

SNO+ Collaboration Votes to Change Default Isotope

The SNO+ collaboration voted the week of March 18 to change the default isotope for the double beta decay phase from 150Nd to 130Te. Motivations for the switch include the large natural abundance of the 130Te isotope, a relatively low two neutrino double beta decay background, and the ability to tag and reject or purify out a lot of the major backgrounds.

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